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There are many traces of our ancestors scattered around our landscape. Mile Markers and Boundary stones are there too. The Milestone Society believes that there are approximately 9000 left in the United Kingdom. Some are cherished but others are hidden in hedgerows, some have been unwittingly destroyed by crashes, road equipment or even stolen. Roads have been straightened to make them safer. There are old gateposts still left in place, old buildings, and place names that declare an evocative past. The aim is to capture some of this information at least photographically before it disappears.

Although the Fylde Coast does not have ancient history, the Romans apparently struggled to Kirkham. There have been huge changes in the last two centuries from literally a a few fishermans' and agricultural dwellings, to a full blown tourist and light engineering industry.

More historical information can be found here about the Fylde coast.

It also seems that time has marched on and left what appears to be some very respectable buildings... which just should be used, but seem to have no worth.

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Wednesday 1 February 2012

South Shore Library, Blackpool

The Advert:

Former Library Building - 205 Lytham Road

Blackpool, FY1 6ET

Property type:Office Sub Type:- Status:Existing Year built:1893
Floors:1 Typical floor:1,909 sq ft Building size:1,909 sq ft
For sale price:£100,000 Price:£52.38 sq ft

The property comprises single storey office accommodation.
The property is located on Lytham Road to the south of Blackpool, just 0.1 miles from Blackpool South Railway Station. There is good access to Junction 4 of the M55, which is 2.8 miles away.

Sale Notes:
The available space comprises office accommodation.
A new FRI lease for a term to be agreed. 
This advert is straight from the Duxbury's website
Well it says it all! A pice of heritage for only £100.000. But at least it doesn't look like it is going to be flattened for a while. More facts to be added when hunted down!
However the photos's:
View from the side street. The road that goes across is Lytham road.
Left goes towards the prom, which it joins at Manchester Square about a mile away.

No ramps here, Single story. Pretty poor state of repair too

Quite elegant sandstone, but now the facing is peeling. The date is becoming difficult to read too.

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  1. Interesting post! I am being a history buff likes this short yet interesting post of yours. I would love to be in UK, especially in Blackpool, I love this place for its cool weather, sea and everything it offers. My uncles told me that he found Commercial Property Sale in Blackpool signs here and there in the city and was interested in buying a small one bedroom house there.